Popular Forms of Granite in Kansas City, and the Benefits of Each

When choosing a material for a renovation or new project, granite countertops are the go-to option for the kitchen or bathroom. Granite is durable and able to withstand hot pans or spilled drinks.

Most people think of granite countertops in Kansas City only as slabs with perhaps one or two seams, and indeed, that is true in most cases. However, slabs are just one format of granite. They also come in tiles and modules. These are a lot more forms of granite in Kansas City that can also be used for kitchen countertops.

Tiles, as you might imagine, are smaller than modules.

Granite tiles come in the standard sizes of ceramic tiles, and most people use them for the same purpose. The only difference is granite tiles are heavier than ceramic tiles, so they require the additional support of cement backer board on top of the plywood base.

granite in Kansas City
granite in Kansas City

Modular granite is pretty much the same as tiles, except they are bigger. You can use them in place of granite slabs as well, and you can DIY their installation.

In this post, we are going to look at three forms of granite, and how you can make each one of them work for you as a countertop surface.

Slab granite countertops

Slab granite is widely accepted as one of the most elegant countertop options available. It is the type of countertop most people think of when they hear about granite countertops. Because it is extremely heavy and challenging to work with, it is recommended you have it installed by a Professional Granite Countertops Fabricator. Slab forms of granite in Kansas City are often seamless or nearly seamless. They are the most expensive type of granite countertop, but the most popular.

Tile granite countertops

Tile countertops are created by placing granite tiles edge to edge and securing them with epoxy in order to create the solid countertop. These are more affordable than solid slab granite countertops.  They are also DIY friendly.

When done right, tile granite can look very nice and exhibit high quality in any room. This can give you a refined look in your kitchen at a lower cost.  The only downside is that they are more difficult to clean because of the seams. Although they are more affordable than slab granite, they are still more expensive than other tile countertop materials.


These are built from pre-cut pieces of granite. They are available in standard counter sizes and shapes, so this can be a good option if you have a conventional kitchen. They may not work as well if you have a custom kitchen although you can sometimes make the work, if you involve the services of a fabricator.

This is a very good DIY option for home renovators with standard kitchen sizes. Your biggest concern would only be putting the pieces together to achieve a seamless appearance. It is a good mid-range price option that you can install yourself.

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